The Parish Council owns an allotment site, just off the A47 Uppingham Road, with 32 plots of varying sizes. Under a tenancy agreement, the allotments are administered by Houghton Gardeners' Club. The Council allows the Gardeners' Club to sub-let any portion of the allotment garden to anyone who is resident in the parish of Houghton on the Hill. Sub-letting to anyone from another parish is allowed providing that the person is identified as being from outside the parish and his/her originating parish is identified. The rent per plot for external parish members will be twice that of the equivalent rent per plot for resident parish members. Plot holders grow many types of vegetables and fruit. Raising of livestock or erecting personal sheds on the site are not permitted. There are several standpipes spaced around the site and communal hosepipes and wheelbarrows are available for use. Anyone interested in putting their name on the waiting list for an allotment should contact the chairman and site manager Danny McSweeney, tel. 0116 2418151, or email houghton gardeners club.