Evidence Base


As set out in §040 of the Government's Planning Practice Guidance (updated 2016), "while there are prescribed documents that must be submitted with a neighbourhood plan[…]there is no 'tick box' list of evidence required for neighbourhood planning. Proportionate, robust evidence should support the choices made and the approach taken. The evidence should be drawn upon to explain succinctly the intention and rationale of the policies in the draft neighbourhood plan[…]."

The evidence presented can be in the form of guidance documents e.g. National Planning Policy Framework, facts and figures e.g. Census data, as well as opinions expressed during consultation with the community and stakeholders. It should be used to support the decisions taken and the policies made during the development of the Neighbourhood Plan.

The following documents, arranged under appropriate sub-headings, have been consulted or referred to during the NPWP's development of a draft Neighbourhood Plan for Houghton and provide evidence to support the policies contained in this. They have also been collected together in a single document, which can be downloaded by clicking here.

The following sections correspond to those present in the Neighbourhood Development Plan. They contain links to specific documents and evidence referred to in the text.