Litter Bins

The Parish Council has provided litter bins which are situated at the locations shown below. These are emptied by Harborough District Council.

  • Entrance Gate to Field Car Park
  • Main Street approximately 15 metres south west of its junction with Weir Lane (known as by the Pharmacy)
  • Main Street, outside the Co-op next to the Notice board
  • St. Catharine's Way at its junction with Scotland Road (known as near the post office)
  • St. Catharine's Green almost opposite Forsell's End
  • St. Catharine's Way on the grass verge approximately half way between junction of St.Catharine's Way with Main Street and Charlotte's Walk
  • Main Street outside the Village Hall
  • A47, Uppingham Road at its junction with Ingarsby Lane
  • Next to bus shelter on A47 (near Rose and Crown)

Click to view map showing location of litter bins

Cleansing schedules available on Harborough District Council's website can be accessed by using this link: