Neighbourhood Development Plan

for Houghton on the Hill


The PC formally constituted the Neighbourhood Plan Working Party (NPWP) at its meeting on February 12th 2015. NPWP is composed of volunteers who have responded to the PC or to articles in the Houghton News. NPWG held an inaugural meeting on Tuesday 20th February 2015 chaired by Ian Hill, and discussed working methods, the adequacy of representation and the broad scope of what will be required. .

The Working Party proposes to seek to complete the preparation of a Neighbourhood Development Plan as distinct from a Parish Plan, not least because a number of issues are already known to exist within neighbouring parishes close to Houghton`s boundaries, which may have an impact on the village and neighbourhood. It plans to meet monthly, and anticipates that the whole process will take not less than two years to complete.

It anticipates making full use of the 2004 Parish Plan, using much of the information within it, but updated and extended to explore areas of social concern, including consequences of Government social reforms impacting on Houghton residents.