Assets of Community Value

The Parish Council nominated seven Assets of Community Value which have been included in the list:

  • Houghton Cricket Pitch
  • Houghton Field
  • Methodist Church schoolroom and chapel
  • Old Black Horse Public House
  • Rose and Crown public house
  • St. Catharine's Green
  • Village Hall and field

They will remain on the list of Assets of Community Value for a period of five years. They cannot be sold before the end of this five year period without the asset owner informing Harborough District Council at which time a moratorium will be imposed on the sale giving an opportunity for the nominating group (i.e. the Parish Council) to raise funds to purchase the property on the open market.

There will be an initial moratorium period of six weeks, from the date of notification of intention to sell the asset, to enable the nominating group to make a decision whether to progress to purchase or not, If the group wishes to progress to purchase the property then a further six month moratorium period, from the date of the notification to sell, will be imposed..

Posted: Wed, 16 Dec 2015 10:41 by Stephen Derry

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