LCC Snow Warden Scheme

LCC Snow Warden Scheme

Leicestershire County Council will be launching the snow warden scheme again this season and is inviting Parish Councils to get involved in this scheme to help the community during the coming winter.

The snow warden scheme is primarily intended to provide local treatment of key footways during periods of prolonged snow and ice.

The pressure that severe winter conditions places on LCC resource means that it is not able to treat footways itself. The objective of the snow warden scheme is to support the use of local resources to clear footways in the local community during prolonged severe weather. This locally delivered activity will enable greater community resilience when unfortunately, in reality, the County Council's current budgetary position means it is not able to resource this service.

If you think that you could be interested in helping, please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council.

LCC will provide the necessary equipment including protective clothing, a shovel, brush and wheelbarrow.

The snow warden will undertake the relevant training provided by LCC before they are able to carry out any duties. This will cover safe working practices, manual handling, salt use etc.

The identified snow warden will be indemnified against any third party claims providing they operate within the terms of the agreement and adhere to the safety guidelines outlined in the training provided.

Posted: Fri, 11 Sep 2020 18:53 by Stephen Derry

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