Current Membership of the Neighbourhood Planning Working Party

Roger Bettles

Sue Hart

Peter Lutman

Linda Clark

Mike Hearn

Mark Newman

Huw Francis

Ian Hill

Barbara Scase

Steve Goodman

Michael Hopkinson

Jim Sharman

Rosemary Hamilton

Nicola Joyce

John Siddons

Paul Hart

Marion Keene

Ann Sleath

The NPWG will include at least two Parish Councillors since the PC has the statutory duty to lead the NP process and arrange liaison with NP officials and policies at District Council level.

The Group is open to offers for other members to join, accepting that they are prepared to actively participate in what will be a long process. We are particularly keen to have members to represent the younger demographic! A Neighbourhood Plan will influence the development of the village through into the 2020s and we need input from more of the younger members of the community, accepting that they mostly have busy lives to lead as well!